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Isla de Cacti surrounded by Salt Lake

Ryan with Giant Cactus

Bolivian Flag and Cacti

More Cacti


After spending the night in the salt hotel we took off across the salt plains. Being the biggest salt lakes in the world they stretch as far as the eye can see. As we hooned along the flat dried up lake bed we could see mirages on the horizon, the sun reflecting images into the sky. They were so bright and reflective that we couldn't see without sunglasses and couldn't believe our driver didn't have any. Ryan had found a pair in San Pedro when we were walking through the moon valley so he gave them to Zonal as a gift. He was very happy and admired himself in the rear view mirror.

We crossed the salt plains for a couple of hours till we made it to an island in the centre. We could see the island a long way off but the distances here with no other landmarks are deceiving. The island rose like a mountain out of the salt and from the top you had a 360 degree panorama of the surrounding area. It is covered with ancient cacti some over a thousand years old. You can see by some of the pics just how tall they grow and the island almost had a feeling of being in the middle of the ocean very far from everything. It was a very unusual landscape in an even more obscure one.

Our last stretch of the trip continued for a couple of hours over the salt lake where we stopped to take photos before arriving in Uyuni a small salt mining town on the edge of the plains. The few mod cons we were looking forward to after 3 days on the road were not available to us as there was no electricity and hadn't been for the last week or so. But we settled for a lukewarm beer, pizza and a comfy bed and had the best sleep we'd had in many days.

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