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Tasting the local vino

Lots of Barrels

Arriving in Talca was a bit of a relief after chaotic Santiago and we found a nice hostel by the river that served traditional Chilean food (yum) for dinner which was a good change from hamburgers and hot dogs. It was really cold being the beginning of winter so out came the beanies and warm jackets.

On our second day in Talca we went for a fantastic winery tour with a couple of Americans (who were the only gringos we ended up meeting during our first 10 days in Chile). We visited different wineries, one was the oldest in Chile, all with amazing varieties of grapes we had never heard of and some of the tastiest wines we have ever tried. Some of the wines were only for export and cost well over $150 US but the bottle we bought was considerably cheaper than this.

One of the wineries had a species of grape that was wiped out by a disease in the early 1900´s in Europe and it was only through a few plants in this vineyard that the variety has survived to this day and was able to be repopulated around the world. After sampling plenty of wine we drove up to a lookout which gave us a lovely view over Talca at night.

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