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touristy photo at Pisa

fun night in the hostel

We have spent the last fews days in Florence. They have been so much fun. The first day, we didnt have a lot of time after we arrived from Venice to we just walked around and saw a couple churches and monuments. The weather is finally turning in our favor and it has been so nice! The hostel we were staying at was decent, and although they messed up our reservation it ended up working out for the better. We met a lot of fun people there that we ended up hanging out with the whole time.

On Sunday, most everything is Europe is closed, so we couldnt go to any of the muesems or anything like that. Instead me, Kathleen, 2 girls from Canada (Andrea & Chera), an Australian girl (Georgia)and a guy from California (Duncan) all took a day trip to Pisa. (Yes the tower is still leaning and yes, we took the cheesy pictures making it look like we are holding it up or knocking it down.) We all went out for pizza and then laid around in the grass by the tower for while before catching the train back to Florence. That night all the girls in the hostel pretty much took over the common room, played games and drank €1,09 boxed vino. (classy I know!) Everyone had a great time. One of the other Australian girls might even join us for the Egypt part of our trip in a couple weeks.

On Monday - much like Sunday - most of the mueseams and everything are closed. Kathleen, me, and 2 Australian girls (Georgia & Lauren)walked up this big hill just outside the city that had a great view of all of Florence. There was a creepy old church and cemetary too which was interesting to walk around. After that we walked around the city for most of the afternoon before meeting the other Australian girls back at the hostel for dinner. Lauren had offered to make dinner for everyone, and it was good!! Later on Kathleen, Georgia and I headed down to the laundry-mat to do some much needed laundry. In keeping the laundry-mat party tradition alive (remember Berlin?), we bought more boxed vino and had a fun time while we waited.

In order to see the original David statue you have to either make reservations or wake up really early to stand in line for hours. So unfortunatly we were not able to see the ORIGINAL David, but we did see 1 of the imposters. Its all the same anyway I guess... unless you are really into art... which we arent. I like looking at all the paintings and statues, but tend to get bored pretty quickly. Oh well, I also drink boxed wine in Italy - what does that say about me?

Off to Rome tomorrow where we will meet up with the Canadian girls for more adventures, along with Kathleens Australian boyfriend and his friends from Oktoberfest. Should be interesting!! Keep you posted!!

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