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Day 127, Oct 5, Today’s Plan; Drive to Boardman, OR.

We have been undecided about which way to go over the Cascade mountains. US-20, going West, requires us to cross four passes. Or three if we turn North on US-97 at Bend, OR. I-84, going North, has only one pass but there is the traffic and transport issue. We decide to go the interstate. We travelled I-84 yesterday and didn’t find much traffic and the grades were gentler than other Interstates back east. I- 84 follows the railroad route, so we can hope for the gentler grades to continue. This part of Idaho is pretty boring and we assume this part of Oregon will be the same. We can turn off at Baker city if we find the drive a strain on the truck or us.

At Baker city, we fuel up and decide to carry on. The truck is running well even at 65mph and not straining to do it. The scenery hasn’t changed. We cross the Blue mountain summit and drop down into the Columbia River Basin. The scenery hasn’t changed. We follow the River towards Portland with the same scenery. We both expected more trees. Oregon has a tree on their license plate, after all. Boardman comes and goes. We travel on and stop near Cascade Locks. We get setup just before the rain comes. A while later we get a knock on the door. The owner of the motor home next door is concerned that I have plugged into his power box. I go out and see what the problem is. He is right. I had mistaken my power box for the cable box. He is concerned that having me plugged in while he has his electric heaters on and his wife is washing clothes, would blow the main breaker. I move my cable to the proper box and we discuss the problems of power supplies. He thanks me and I go inside. Lorna watches TV and I go to bed.

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