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When I got here Sat eve, I'd been parked for a few minutes when I noticed lots of coolant draining out of the car. Opened the hood & it was bubbling out the top of the resevoir. I looked in the resevoir this morning to see how much was left & couldn't see any; couldn't see any cracks or anything, but noticed the cap was loose. So I went to a service station a little ways out of the park and they were pretty helpful. Added coolant & ran it for awhile, and none drained out. I'll check again before I leave tomorrow. And I have most of a bottle of coolant in the trunk. No, I won't touch the cap while it's hot.

Here are my pics from hiking in the canyon today. I didn't get very far in. The recommendation is to estimate that coming up will take you twice as long as going down; I thought I climb faster than that but decided to take the suggestion anyway. I wanted to hike for about 3 hours so I went down the path for 1 hour then turned around. Was back on the rim in 55 minutes! Oh well, I'll estimate differently for my next canyon hike (Bryce on Wednesday).

This evening I went to one of the "fancy" restaurants right on the rim for dinner, then watched some of the sunset. Found a meeting this evening and was surprised to be the only tourist there, with 6 locals. The south rim is kind of a small resort town in itself with 6 hotels, shops, ranger stations, etc, so there are a lot of people living here.

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