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Louisianna Capitol--Art Decco style-Circa 1939

State Seal over the entry door

Sunset behind one of the statues

We arrived at the Louisianna State Capitol in Baton Rouge just in time for sunset. The drive from Jackson, Mississippi to Baton Rouge was uneventful mechanically but in the Spirit there was heavy resistance. As we drove into Baton Rouge we could see the remnants of Hurricane Ike; many downed trees on the capitol grounds. Every capitol we have been too so far when we begin the proclamation a breeze comes up, some capitols the breeze is stronger than at others. But in Louisianna, when we began the proclamation, the breeze that already was blowing became a gale force wind. This wind kept knocking our balance scales over and even Steve and Frances had a difficult time sounding the shofars. We were able to finish on a loud and clear note calling the tribes of Israel to come "home" and take up their heritage.

We spent the night near Lafayettte, LA only to discover in the morning when we started the motorhome that unless we found a repair facility we wouldn't be going very far this day. So the majority of the day was spent at the Ford garage waiting for parts. As it turns out the seal on the exhaust (somewhere in the engine) needs to be replaced because it is causing hot exhaust to blow on a spark plug wire and melt it. The repairman told us this after we had spent the day waiting for them to get new wires. (We only needed one, but you can't buy just one, have to get a whole set.) "Can you do this job and finish it today?" we asked. "Yes," the mechanic answered, "unless a bolt breaks, then you'd have to spend the night here because I'd have to drill out the old bolts and..." I think you are getting the picture.

At least we have the rest of the set of wires to use as replacements whenever another meltdown happens!

We left the shop around 4:00 and made it to Houston in time to have dinner with good friends, Joseph and Scarlet. What a blessing the evening was!

It's Tuesday morning and we are now on the way to Austin.

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