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Hello Everyone!

I'm so sorry that we haven't written in a while. Life has been hectic, packing up everything in Vancouver and moving on to our new home - Fernie! I have only been here 4 days and have absolutely fallen in love with this little town. There's around 10,000 people I think and we have the most amazing house and view of the Lizard range and Fernie Mountain. I'll post some photos up soon. It has all been a bit of a whirlwind over the last month, we made some great friends in Vancouver and had one hellofa leaving party: I'm surprised they didn't kick us out of our apartment there and then! Everyone is coming to visit over winter so we'll have a busy little house when the snow really starts a-fallin. Meanwhile, we had the first snow dust the peaks last night so it is a beautiful contrast: the golden trees speckled through the green pines and snow capped peaks. Se are sooo excited about the snow coming! The next 2 months are going to drag by!

Our flatmates here are fantastic people, we have 2 aust, 2 canadians and Zane and I. Laura is coming over in November which we can't wait for!! The hockey has started and Zane bought his first 'Canucks' jersey so we're ready for another great season. We're also going to get in to the local hockey league - the team here is called the 'Ghostriders' after a local legend. I can't wait to see some raw local hockey.

I've started work at the local Physio clinic that happens to be one block/2min walk from home! Zane just started work at Fernie Alpine resort as a handyman, it will be interesting to see how his first day has gone! We are really happy to be in Fernie, I feel more settled here in 4 days than I ever did in Vancouver. The locals are lovely, it has a real sense of community and it is just so picturesque!! I will keep you updated on other exciting events as they happen...

Hope you are all well!! We certainly are...


Christie and Zane

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