A neat farm that grows lavender, holly and more

A demo on how they make their lavender soap

A demo on making the holly wreaths

Some of the dried lavender

Jerry checking out the apple cider press

A beautiful display of products

Lavender and more flowers hung from the ceiling to dry

Old English Holly Tree

Variegated Holly Tree

One of their beautiful gardens

Their very friendly horses

A pick your own pumpkin patch

A visit to Fort Ebey State Park

A beautiful beach with huge waves

Lots of driftwood and rocks on the beach

Not sure what these long soft plants are, they are all over...

Ollie checking them out too :)

These red berries are called rosehips

A perfect place for our picnic

Battery Information Ebey State Park

A 1942 Ammo Bunker

Fort Casey State Park Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

Walking to the edge of the park

It was a long way down

Deer all over the field, we have never seen so many at...

The Colonel's House

Six deer on the basketball!

Closeup of one of them

We saw the ferry for Port Angeles on the way back home

Last view of Fort Casey State Park

We went back to Whidbey Island today. We decided not to do the whole farm tour because we have been to so many already. We did stop at one of the unusual ones. It is called "A Knot in Thyme" and is located in Oak Harbor. It is a 75 year old holly grove that also produces dried flowers and lavender products and more. They also had two beautiful black mares for a guided wagon tour. They were resting when we visited so we didn't take the wagon ride, but we did get a chance to visit the them.

The farm had some cool demonstrations on how to make holly wreaths and even how to make lavender soap. The display in the unique store was almost as awesome as seeing the holly and the beautiful gardens. They had lavender and more flowers drying from the ceiling plus every kind of lavender product you could think of. We enjoyed the visit much and would highly recommend.

After we left the farm we headed to a couple of State Parks on Whidbey Island. The first one we visited was Fort Ebey State Park. This is a 645 acre camping park on Whidbey Island, originally built for a defense fort during World War 11. The park has three miles of saltwater shoreline on the Strait of Juan de Fuca with a distant view of the Olympic Mountains. We found the perfect place for a picnic and really enjoyed walking on the beach here.

The next park we visited was Fort Casey State Park. This one has 467 acres and has a fantastic lighthouse with panoramic views of Admiralty Inlet. We did not do any walking on the beach at this park. I am including a picture showing you how high we were up from the water and what a jolt it would be to fall. :-) Wowser! Jerry walked Ollie up to see this one and I called him back. I am not sure the picture does it justice showing how far it was down, but it was dangerous and scary. We drove around the park and were amazed at how many deer were all over the park. I have included one picture showing six of them at one time on one of the basketball courts. They are not afraid of you at all and just keep eating while you take the pictures. A very cool park to visit and we enjoyed it much.

After we left the park we saw the ferry that takes you to Port Angeles, we are thinking of visiting there next. We are hearing reports of some strong winds and even snow in the mountains tonight so we will wait and see how the weather goes before making any real plans. I have included a ton of pictures to show you all the fantastic places we visited. More later from Washington.

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