Day by Day with Daisy 2008-09 travel blog

This morning I ran several errands, the first and most important one being to have another ignition key made to replace the one I lost yesterday. Now I expect the lost one to come slithering out from under something at any moment. :>)

I arrived a bit early for my doctor’s appointment, so I had time to read a little of the newspaper before being called. Dr. Plunkett said that my prescription hasn’t changed much but that I should go ahead and get new contacts since the current ones are eight years old. He recommends getting new hard contacts at least every five years whether the prescription has changed or not. He said my old glasses are alright, though, since I use them only for emergencies anyway. The new contacts should be ready by next Thursday. My eyes were still partially dilated at bedtime. I had mentioned that my eyes take a long time to return to normal after dilation and the technician said that, the lighter the eye color, the longer it takes. S-t-r-a-a-a-n-g-e!

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