Day by Day with Daisy 2008-09 travel blog

A little after noon today I left Lake Texoma, headed for Camping World at Denton. Since it is only about 70 miles, I was in no hurry. I stopped in Sherman to feed Daisy ($3.399 per gallon) and made another quick stop at a roadside park on US 82 just east of Gainesville to eat lunch.

I’m spending the night in Camping World’s parking lot so Daisy will be available bright and early Wednesday morning for her appointment. They hooked her up to electricity. This saves me a night’s camping expense. I’ve made my reservations for the RV Ranch in Burleson (just south of Fort Worth on I-35 W) for tomorrow night and called Cousin Dee to let her know where to meet me. I’m looking forward to seeing her and her daughter, Zane, and her family again.

One item on the service and repair list is installation of a kit ordered by the refrigerator manufacturer’s recall (at no cost to me). Another is repair or replacement of my TV. For some reason, it will stay on only a minute or so and then just turn off. I’m also going to have the usual regular maintenance done (oil change, etc.) Last and most time-consuming will be Daisy’s wash and wax job. She is extremely dirty due to the stormy weather from Hurricane Ike. I guess the wind carried a lot of dust from the Gulf Coast, mixed with who knows what else, and the rain wasn’t hard enough to wash the mess off.

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