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come to mama (they never listened)

in case you were wondering where all those ewoks went - they're...

bald eagle over Grampians National Park

We decided to get off the Great Ocean Road and head inland. On the way we stopped at Mt. Eccles National Park which promised a huge koala population. It delivered on that, and thanks to it's off the beaten track location, we were the only people there. In a matter of a couple of hours we had a pleasant walk through the forest and spotted over 30 koalas, some very close up and all very adorable. (At an age of 20,000 years, this is one of the youngest volcanoes on the continent. Charlie) From there we drove up to Grampians National Park, another beautiful forest/cliff and mountain area. We did some "bush camping" here and the quiet and millions of stars made it a highlight for some reason.

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