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Well this time next week we will be sitting in our house on Tiverton Drive!! Mixed feelings! Yesterday we booked our flights and sorted out one or two other bits and pieces, did some laundry, chatted to the woman in the office and washed the car. All in the shade! Beautiful hot sunny day but the sies are shaded so no sun really gets through!! Today I am going to find a patch of sun to sit in! Make the most of it before we get back home. We think we will sort out all our belongings today and then revisit the Blue Ridge Mountains and Skyline Drive tomorrow as it will probably be quieter. It looks like a glorious day again outside so I must take my cup of tea and find that sun...

Well I didn't find my sun but we did get lots of things sorted. Everything of value is hidden away behind a greasy bbq and rubbish at the back of one of the gesunders. The RV should be empty when we ship it back but we have been told that we can leave stuff in but it might get stolen. gets me cross really that we pay $6000 to have it shipped back and people might steal our things!! There are some grim people in this world! Oh well, we can' bring a printer and a sewing machine back in our case with us can we?! I sorted the inside of the RV and packed our cases etc while Steve sorted out the gesunders. Most of the stuff we are not bothered about but if they manage to root to the back of the gesunder while it is on the ship then good luck to them! Hopefully all will come back safely to us! Watched a dvd - Hairspray - in the evening. Funny. It was more of a musical than a film but John Travolta was in it and he was hilarious. Tomorrow hopefully we will sort a few more things out and then get a drive out in the sunshine.

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