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We were up at 6am as planned and left by 6.30am. We had breakfast on the truck. It was a long drive day today with a border crossing as well. All went smoothly although we nearly had problems at the border...

Some of us wanted to use the loo but the ones at the border offices were locked. We saw some signs across the road and started off in that direction only to be stopped by some official looking guy. We couldn't understand what he was saying but got the jist that we couldn't go across to the loos we wanted to. Back at the office someone else explained that they are not really toilets and that the locals mug you at knife point if you go over there. And there we were walking around with our passports in our hands - we had a lucky escape by all accounts! Bredan kindly stopped further down the road for a bush toilet instead!!

We finally got to Punta Sal at about 6pm just in time to see the sunset which was beautiful. We were all fairly tired from the long day so went to bed fairly early!

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