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Old Faithful

Cow Elk on road

Cow elk in camp ground

The working people of America need to lobby employers for the theraputic benefits of the mineral springs! We had to adjust our pool time. From 3:30 PM on the work force started coming in. It is incredibly relaxing!

The overall atmosphere west of the Mississippi is laid back. Now I do realize I am not working. People have space, stop to talk to you(have I ever met a stranger?), extend courtesies beyond one's expectations. So you get the idea, we are enjoying our trip. The humidity is divine-30%. No glistening skin! The nights and mornings are cool-40; the day time temps have been 80 or above. Don't get me wrong the sun is HOT-just more bearable. There is no cloud cover above and almost no vegetation to hold the heat in. Consequently, the heat is lost once the sun goes down.

This brings me to the next subject-I am beginning to look like an old Indian! That's OK because the Cherokee Indian in my skin is showing. I had to switch to Oil of Olay extra greasy to restore moisture! Corky even asked me if I had a suppository for his nose. I nearly fell over laughing. There are things other than suppositories we can use for drier air.

The drive to Yellowstone was lovely. Every town we continue to stop at the Visitor's Center. This allows us to know the spark of the area. As mentioned before all in the Northwest is grandiose. Only three campgrounds are open after Sept. We moved on out to West Yellowstone temporarily. Our other trips here were on strict schedules. We'd like to enjoy the finer points of the park at our leisure. With a little patience we should be able to get into the park tomorrow. This is the highest price we have paid for camping-$43.00 full hook-ups-Grizzly Bear RV Park-very nice;a little steep for a night's sleep.

Recall the mention of oil wells? Upon entering Wyoming the number of wells and collection sites increased. Why does America need to buy from foreign oil sources?

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