Alpaca Ranch

They Were All Over The Field But Way Off

Cool Cafe

A Tiny Post Office

They Said They Had Great Junk Here! :-)

Japanese Chuckanut Gardens

Entrance To The Gardens

A Distant View

Awesome Rock Walk & Bridge

Koi Fish Everywhere

View From The Rocks

The Bridge

Fish With A Rainbow Of Colors

Jerry In The Bamboo

Just Beautiful!

Another View

Last View Of Chuckanut Gardens

Crossing The Bridge Going Into The Mountains

Look At The Size Of This Tree!

View Of The Mountains & Coast

A Stop At Taylor Shellfish Farm

The Store

Crabs With A Warning :-)

The Prices

Huge Bins With Oysters Etc.

A Stop At Larrabee State Park

One Of The Nice Campsites At Larrabee

Look At This Awesome House!

Fairhaven, Washington

Fairhaven Beach

Ollie Enjoying A Walk On The Beach

We Had A Great Mexican Lunch Here

Last View On The Drive Back

We are still staying in Anacortes, Washington at the Pioneer RV Resort. We decided there is so much to do in the area we are not ready to leave. Today we drove about 15 miles from our campsite to what is called the Chuckanut Scenic Drive. It is a 21 mile drive through the valley and into the mountains. It is the only path where the Cascade Mountains meet the sea. Along the way you see everything from potato farms to Alpaca farms.

One of my favorite stops was the Japanese Chuckanut Gardens. It was absolutely beautiful! I have added a lot of pictures for you to see. We also visited a Shellfish Farm, a first for us for sure. :-) They had every kind of shellfish you could think of in huge bins, fresh right out of the water.

We also had a quick stop at the Larrabee State Park. I think it's great that all the State Parks are free here. It was another fantastic park and worthy of a longer visit next time we are in the area. The drive ended in a town called Fairhaven. It had over 25 restaurants to choose from plus a very nice beach. We had a wonderful lunch at the Mexican Restaurant and then headed back down the scenic 21 miles. I would highly recommend this drive to anyone visiting this area. We enjoyed it much and hope you enjoy! More later from Washington.

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