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John and I @ Mon Flanquin

John & Eric @ Mon Flanquin

Church @ Mon Flanquin

Church @ Mon Flanquin

Bonjour Famille & Amies: We have safely arrived in France and as usual when we travel there are some suprises. This trip we had some kind of security issue at the Charles De Gaulle train station, they herded everyone to one side of the area and then they had us all move into the actual train section behind glass doors. We still do not know exactly what it was about.

Then when we finally went to catch our train (after 4 hours of waiting at a the station) we got into the wrong car. We were supposed to be in car #3 and ended up in #8 as we kept seeing #1 and #2 on the side of the car (first class as opposed to second class, which we were, second class that is). We tried running back to car #3 but they blew the whistle to say they were leaving so we jumped into car #8. This is now after being up for 18 hours straight. When the train made it's first stop we once again jumped off and finally got into car #3 before the whistle blew. Whew, we could finally relax and relax we did. Got two small bottles of red wine from the snack car and back into our seats to toast our journey. The train ride was wonderful, we would definately travel this way again.

Eric picked us up at Libourne and then it was a 2 hour drive back to his place just outside of Cancon. We had some dinner and two bottles of champagn, a sleeping pill and fell into bed. Nothing could have felt better.

Today we went shopping. First stop at Mon Flanquin where there was an outside market, had wonderful cheeses, fresh vegetables, clothes and meats. We stopped at their church and it was beautiful. The town was perched on a hill with wonderful rolling hills all around. Our next stop was Villeneuve where we had lunch for $28 Euros, which included chicken with Penne and a bottle of wine, there was no tax and you do not pay tips in France. $28 Euros equals $46 in Canadian, this all with 3/4's of a bottle of red wine.

Eric lives in a smal beautiful French cottage in the country. He has a farmer as a neighbour who raises meat birds and next door to him a Plum orchard. We went through quite an extensive area of vinyards to get to his house, but Eric's area has fields and fields of sunflowers that they farm for oil.

We are planning a trip probably for next Friday to see some beautiful villages in France and then we will probably move to another area of France to explore.

We have been speaking a bit of French with some surprises but people understand us so it seems. We are having fun and looking forward to the rest of our time here.

Love John and Peg

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