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Santa Lucia

View from Santa Lucia in central Santiago

Well we landed in Chile a short stopover on our flight to Buenos Aires. Quite incredible we left Sydney at 11 am today and after 16 hours in transit we arrived here at 2pm on the same day I guess that time travel for you! Santiago was definitely not what we expected we had heard about the pollution but it was the shopaholic attitude we had not anticipated.

As one of the most affluent South American countries I guess its understandable that consumerism would be big but we just hadn´t considered it to be such a westernised country. Everything from the food to the clothes reeked of ´Americanisation´ and with hot dogs (known as Completos) as one of their staples we found it difficult to find any authentic Chilean cuisine.

Talking of dogs there are millions of strays in Chile and Santiago seems to have a majority of them. With 6 million people and almost a million dogs its a very busy place although the dogs don´t seem to mind and keep themselves occupied chasing cars and each other.

Some of our highlights included a visit to Cerro Santa Lucia, right in the middle of the city. It is a large hill covered in a labyrinth of stairs and gardens which lead in many different ways to the top where there is a chapel and a lovely view over the city. We also visited a fantastic museum of pre-Colombian art from all over the continent including some amazing gold jewellery, fabrics and ceramics plus huge Incan stone tablets that had all been pilfered from some of the many temples and ruins scattered across South America.

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