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Another tourist with his traveling parrot

Ruts from the Oregon Trail

Another ruts view

Signature/dates of travelers

Birds houses on the rock

Oil in Wyoming



Mineral residue

Big Horn sheep

Train tunnel in Wind Canyon

Wind Canyon

Butch's Place

Us in the healing springs

How much have you all heard me complain about eating too much? Just look at the picture of that bakery. Does it look like homebaked goodies? The answer is YES. We treated ourselves to a local favorite called a crispie prior to leaving Scottsboro, Ne.

The farther west we go things continue to grow bigger; herds of cattle, alphalfa fields, oil wells, windmills, now mountains,cowboy hats, boots. The country is just beautiful. The Wind River Canyon is an Indian Reservation & Wyoming State Park. While driving along, signs indicate the age and time period of the rocks; how about 20 million yrs ago?

Big Horn sheep inhabit the canyon walls unless, of course, they are grazing in the campground. Lucky for us they were snoozing at the campground. I hope you can see them well enough.

We will follow the Oregon Trail until we reach Fort Laramie. The repeated wagon wheels over the rocky ground resulted in the deep ruts. Can you believe driving over the rocks was less treacherous than fording the river? At Register Rocks some travelers have etched their name and the date into the rocks. Look at the picture. We ran into a couple from Germany who came tracing their family history. Many of the travelers were immigrants.

I got off track...you are not surprised, I'm certain. Logically, it is a good idea for both of us to drive the rig. Monday AM was my first driving lesson. It was my turn to be the student. Driving something 50 feet in length is intense. I felt good as long as we were going forward on a flat,straight road. I would like to mention a school bus passed me. Ha! Then came the lessons in braking...then came using the trailer brakes on a winding road. It wasn't long before quiet, calm Corky was saying,"slow down!! you are going too fast!! I'd feel better if I drive!!" Those exclamation points indicate stress in his voice which is unusual. Can you imagine what the backing up lesson will be like?!

Thermopolis is home to the world's largest mineral springs. The State bath house offers indoor/outdoor soaking pools which are filled with 100% mineral water. There is a 20 minute soak limit. These 104 degree healing springs fulfill a 112 year old treaty with the Indians. The heat and chemicals in the water are derived from the rocks through which it passes. The gasses(smells great-ugh) rise from deeply buried volcanic rocks. A few photos show the residue of minerals from the water flow. There are 27 different minerals in the water. All I can say, quoting a friend, "what a cleansing experience."

If you are ever in the area, go to Butch's Place in Kirby, population 47. The buffalo burgers and comraderie are delightful.

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