Deception Bay State Park & Rosario Beach

Rosario Beach View To Our Right

Left View With A Lot of Driftwood

A Beautiful Place!

Huge Trees

A Perfect Place For A Picnic

Deception Pass Bridge

View From The Bridge

Another View

Oak Harbor NAS

A Cool Motel!

The Coachman Inn, Oak Harbor

A Neat Shop Whidbey Island

Coupeville Wharf

Another View

Anchor Inn

A Bed & Breakfast

Blue Goose Inn

Cool Old Tractor

Greenbank Farm

Beautiful Walk To The Cafe

Awesome Duck Pond

A Great Cafe Where We Had Lunch

Langley, WA

More Beautiful Water

Look At The Flowers On This House

Snow Capped Mt. Baker In The Distance

Zoomed View Mt. Baker

Another Great Market

Unusual Guitars

Jerry Checking Prices, This One Was $115

Awesome Pumpkin Patch

Another Great Farm Called Schuh

Huge Bins Of Food

Incredible Produce!

These Carrots Were Huge

Pumpkins Galore

Old 49 Ford

A Beautiful Place!

Last One!

We have been as busy as beavers. There are so many great little towns to visit in the area. It is hard to believe the beauty of this place and the fantastic farms etc. Everywhere we go we see more farms. Most have wonderful organic produce and the prices are outstanding. We got 6 ears of fresh corn just picked for $1.00. Fresh red plums right off the trees, donut peaches, avocados, awesome tomatoes, cabbage, peppers of every color and on and on and on. One market had garlic still on the stems and broccoli just picked. It is easy to eat great in this state for sure. We asked for eggs at one farm and she came back with one still warm. :-)

We visited an awesome island last week called Whidbey Island. It is huge! As a matter of fact it is the largest island in the continental U.S. We drove over 100 miles just visiting part of it. We never made it to the last few towns but plan to go back for sure. I took pictures of a lot of the towns to give you at least the flavor of the island. It would take a week to totally explore the whole island. They are having a special farm tour next weekend where 16 different farms are opening up for farm visits. These are all on Whidbey Island. They have everything from bee farms with honey to lavender flower farms. We are not sure if we will make it yet, but it sure would be cool. There are also a ton of state parks in the area. We have made it to one so far and it was fantastic. We plan to take a few days just to visit the parks in the area.

I am adding a ton of pictures to catch up on all the places we have seen. I hope you enjoy them much! More later from Washington.

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