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Look at what we saw in ALABAMA!!!!

Another look

One more

Sadie our dog has a business! Who knew?

Holiday INN!!!

The Beginning Mileage

So instead of leaving at 10 like mom said we would, we didn't leave unit 2:30! yeah moms plan did not quite work out like she thought it would. what a mission to get those animals ready for the trip. the sure didn't seem to mind riding in the car. before we even got out of FL we had to stop at the rest stop before exit 130. we looked like an animal circus walking all those dogs. of course they took forever going potty and because it was all new smells and new trees to potty on. Of course dakota got all the attention.

back into the truck we go and we entered Alabama around 5:50 pm and mom said a a mental good bye to to Florida. She said that it still hasnt hit her yet since half of her stuff is in the truck behind us and the other half she left behind.

We were traveling on US 231 for quite sometime until we got Montgomery, AL. From there we decided to call it a day and stopped in at Prattville, AL.

We are staying at the Holiday Inn in Prattville. # 334-285-3420 Room 127! :)

So far we've traveled 241.57 miles and that mean that we have 2060.53 miles left to go!!!!!

I love you all and the next update will be at out next hotel!

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