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There have been parties organized for the international students and my university about every night this week. It's a great opportunity to meet the other students. I have met people from England, Poland, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Mexico, and many Germans and French. I've been talking with people that can hardly speak english through what french I do know. I definitely don't know as much as some of the students but I end up helping and translating for some of my other American friends. And that brings me to my next point.

There are these Turkish stores that sell Kebabs and Galettes. These are sandwiches and wraps of shaved roasted meat with tomatoes, lettuce, onions and sauce, and they are out of control here. There is a store on every corner it seems. The all operate independently of course. The meal comes with frites ,which is the french word for fries, with your choice of sauce on top. Another thing: Frites are never eaten with ketchup. All the sauces here are some type of spices and mayonnaise. I would recommend sauce samurai or andaluse. There is our favorite shop right under one of the apartments that we hang around in. The owners know us and call me "gorgie" Georgia in French. I like to try to talk with them while they make the food and they will give you a lot more food, and for pretty cheap, if they like you.

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