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Lumphini Park in Silom

More Park! It's no Lake Meadows is it!?!?

Where's the swan gone?!

I just swallowed it!!

Neil and Lynn

My friend from way back Neil (Simmons - some of you may remember him!) now lives in Bangkok with his wife so we organised to have a drink with them tonight (as they are proper grown-ups and have work the following day it is only going to be a couple of drinks mind!).

Me and Em woke up late today and decided to head over to China Town at lunch time for breakfast!!

We wandered around there for a couple of hours but there wasn't much to it really, just lots of market stalls selling knock off toys and pencils etc.

We left here earlier than anticipated and headed off over to Silom where we we're to meet Neil & Lynn in about 2 hours time.

We had some fud here and then just hung out in the park there for a bit.

Lumphini park was really picturesq and had lots of joggers around it. I think even I would go jogging there! They even had things that looked like childrens park toys but were in fact proper exercise machines (like bench presses, cross trainers, chest presses, pull up bars etc outside in the middle of the park! They wouldn't last 5 minutes in London man!!!

Anyway the venue got changed so we were in the wrong place (again!) so we got a Tuk Tuk down to Phrom Phong to meet Neil and Lynn.

Rather ironically when meeting Neil in Thailand we ended up in the "Dubliner" Authentic Irish pub!! He must buy is maps off Jonny!! ;o))

It was really cool to see Neil again after all these years and his wife Lynn was really nice and funny too!

We had a few beers and played some pool. I even let Neil 7 ball me which hasn't happened since the last time I was in prison.

We had a really nice night and made plans to meet the following night for some proper drinks and entertainment.


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