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Emma and Suzo's friend Paul

Friday I meandered down Hwy 101 from Cannon Beach as far as Reedsport (about two-thirds of the way down the Oregon coast), stopping at Lincoln City to shop the outlet mall. Fun facts about Oregon: there is no self-serve gas and also no sales tax.

I drove through pretty little town after pretty little town, and the ocean views made it hard to stay on the road. I was told that the charm runs out south of around Florence, and it's a slow hwy, so I decided to head back to the I-5 today. I stayed in Reedsport, which is not one of the more picturesque little towns. All the U.S. flags there were at half-mast, I think that means someone local was killed in the war recently.

Saturday (today) I took a secondary highway over to the I-5; the hwy ran alongside a river and it was really pretty country. Made much quicker time once back on the I-5. I like it that cars move out of my way on highways now; that never happened in my Mazda. I think people see the Mustang grill behind them & think "That asshole's gonna crowd me" and just move out of the way. I stopped in Grants Pass (the halfway point between Seattle and San Francisco) where I had an unfortunate lunch. New idea: don't eat anywhere too convenient to the freeway. Then southwest into California and the redwoods. The redwoods made me think of Cathedral Grove on the island; I don't think the trees are much bigger here. I stopped at the Trees of Mystery but it was 4:30 by then & they were closed; fortunately the restrooms of mystery were still open.

Lots of fog along the California coast, so I only got glimpses of the ocean.

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