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Hoover Dam is quite impressive, at 726 feet high, 1244 feet long....

Intake towers bring water into the turbines to generate electricity.

Seventeen generating units at Hoover Dam make up one of the country's...

Route 93 was supposed to reach the other side of the river...

The Colorado River created Black Canyon, where Hoover Dam was completed in...

Lake Mead was created b the Hoover Dam. It has 550 miles...

On Friday, we went to see Hoover Dam, which gets about a million visitors each year. The place is amazing, the dam is huge and Lake Mead is the most beautiful blue color. The cranes that are being used to build a road across the Colorado River can be seen from the distance

and the whole picture just defies the camera with its vastness.

The Black Canyon is winding and deep, so you can't see Lake Mead from the dam. We drove through the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, which has a marina and a campground an the lake.

The wonder of technology really captures the imagination, that people built this huge structure (in 2 years) that keeps water under control all year long. Before the dam, floods were a problem, and there wasn't always a ready supply of fresh water. Now, instead of the Colorado gushing straight to the Gulf of Mexico, some of the water is captured at Lake Mead to provide fresh water for Nevada and Arizona.

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