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Yesterday was a productive day for Marilyn & I. Marilyn went into town to get a haircut and this time it cost $13.00. No more $41.00 hair cuts like she shocked me with in Colorado. I’m not sure I have recovered from that one yet. 

We had our morning coffee indoors, enjoying the cool air coming in the windows.

I then took a shower and got dressed to be a cave guide.

I was asked to lead a tour of Cameron Cave so I went up there early to investigate the water situation. Most of the water was gone from the “Raisin Bread Alley” passageway but it was quite muddy. My footprints are still in the mud from the day I stepped into water up to my knees.

When I returned to the gift shop/ticket counter, the group going on the tour had arrived. I gathered lanterns for the group of 11 young men, and their leader, Mr Lincoln.

When we entered the building which guards the entrance, we saw a large snake on one of the rafters. I called the ticket counter on my radio and the cavalry soon arrived to remove the snake from the building. He turned out to be a milk snake, about 5 ft long, and he is now enjoying himself in a new area far from the cave entrance.

I joined Marilyn for some lunch of left over BBQ chicken, and settled down to enjoy a quiet afternoon.

I did a few chores outdoors and then was thinking about a nap when the phone rang. It was Fran asking if I could take four people through the Cameron Cave at 3:30 PM.

I agreed to do that, even though we were joining good friends for dinner at 5:30 PM.

When the four people arrived for the tour, it was a husband and wife with two 11 year old daughters. Three of the group wanted to carry lanterns so I picked up three lanterns which had been charging.

I noticed that my flashlight batteries were a bit weak but would be ok for one more tour. About halfway through the tour, one of the lanterns went completely dead, followed shortly by a second one going dead. Great! I noticed the last lantern getting quite weak as well as my flashlight. The man in the tour group asked if I could find my way out of the cave in total darkness. I assured him that my flashlight would be adequate for us to find our way back, and I carry a cigarette lighter as a last resort. By the time we were back at the tunnel to exit the cave, all three lanterns were dead and my flashlight was nearly so. I have never had that happen before but it made the tour a bit more exciting. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the tour.

Back at the RV, I changed my clothes and we headed into town to meet our friends. We went to a new restaurant in town called “The Brick Oven”. The atmosphere reminded us of the Pizzeria Rustica” in Old Colorado City, and the food was excellent as well.

We joined our friends, Dennis & Sonja and Bob & Susie, all from Monroe City, MO.

We had a great meal with some fine conversation with these good friends, and then parted with hugs and promises to see each other again soon.

Marilyn & I were back in the RV in time to watch the debates, which were interesting, but contained little to change anyone’s mind.

Off to bed to read for awhile. I am really enjoying the book loaned to me by Jerry, about a Texas Ranger.

We slept with the windows open again, and the cool night air had us sleeping with the blanket pulled up around our chins when we awoke this morning.

Yesterday was a very good day. Today we have Colby so I just can’t wait to see what adventures this day has in store…..

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