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The beach at Çirali

The Chimera

Sarcophagus of St. Nicholas

View from the campground bathroom window


We left Antalya on Wednesday morning and travelled to Çirali a small village on the beach. We stayed in a lovely pension with beautiful landscaping and these really cool deck/platform patio structures covered in Turkish carpets and pillows. We plan to bring this concept to Bracebridge when we build one in our backyard next summer. We napped there listening to the combined sounds of techno music, the call to prayer from the local mosque and the crowing rooster next door. The chickens often wandered into our yard.

The ruins of Olimpos were a half hour walk down the beach and really interesting. Mostly in the shade which was great because it was really hot.

We spent the afternoon on the beach and then after dinner made our way up a neighouring mountain to see the Chimera. This is an area of fires that burn through rocks; apparently it is natural gas that seeps through the rocks but scientists are still unable to determine the compounds of the gases. There are several myths surrounding the phenomenon. We set out to walk the 1 km (apparently half hour which seemed to take at least an hour!) trail up the mountain and by the time we reached the fires we were covered in sweat and could barely breathe! The trail is well marked but not lit so you have to take a flashlight. It was well worth the struggle because the fires were fascinating.

On the way to Kaş the next day we stopped in Demre at the Church of St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas was a bishop in this area and the stories about him were very interesting. Apparently his bones were stolen by Italians and now reside in the town of Bari in Italy. The town has really capitalized on the Santa Claus theme which is unfortunate.

We are now in Kaş at a campground - yay! It is actually nice to have a campsite again to cook our own meals and save some cash. The campground is on the water and although there isn't a beach, there are a series of wooden platforms built over the water with lovely foam lounging cushions. And there are ladders down into the water. We lounged there last night (Rick's birthday) and looked at the stars.

Apparently hell has frozen over. For the first time since giving birth to two children I am about to wear a two piece bathing suit. Since arriving it has become clear that I am the only woman in this hemisphere who owns a one piece bathing suit. In order to blend in I decided it was time to conform. The downside is that we'll be spending a lot more money on sunscreen.

Rick just found a place to do laundry thank goodness. Wearing the same clothes for days is fine for a while. Only your spouse really knows.

Hope everyone is doing well.


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