Chris and Lora's Season of Pilgrimage 2008-2009 travel blog

Rice terraces on the way to Amed

Amed bungalow bed

Amed bungalow shower

Amed bungalow front door

Pool @ hotel across from our bungalow ($3 for day use for...

Flat Luis (Mrs. Hill's class) finds a rocky beach for swimming

Chris leading Ilu's class in a song

Ilu's class - 2nd grade



Chris with some of the teachers of the school

DeLeon Dino makes it to a classroom in Bali, Indonesia

[Lora writing]

We left Ubud and took a 3 hour bus ride to Amed, which is situated on the east coast of Bali. We arrived at our beautiful bungalow, complete with thatched roof, outdoor shower, mosquito net, and padlock as our doorlock. Even though it sounds primitive, it was seriously swanky for a bungalow (I hope we can upload some pics, but we've been having a lot of problems with that). As swanky as our digs were, on our last night, a buddy came to visit is in the form of a 10 inch long, 3 inch wide, spotted gecko :).

The beach at Amed is black sand and very rocky, mostly made up of volcanic rock and coral. We only spent a little bit of time at the beach during our 3 night stay. But the stars!! We haven't seen stars like that before - the night sky was so bright and clear that we were able to see the milky way.

The highlight of our trip to Amed was meeting Ilu, the manager of the hotel we stayed at. She is a truly remarkable woman who not only manages a hotel, but also volunteer teaches English, has her own business of a restaurant and bungalow, is pursuing a teaching degree, runs a small foundation for children, and is a wife and mother on top of it all. She gave us a glimpse into Balinese life by sharing of herself and her stories. We were given the opportunity to accompany her to her school where she teaches, and we spoke to the children a little about the US and taught them a song in English - Twinkle, twinkle little star. It was a blast! The children were inquisitive about us foreigners and were gracious young learners. Thank you, Ilu, for your kindness and friendship!

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