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Yesterday, Marilyn & I awoke to another really nice autumn day here in Hannibal. We had our morning coffee while listening to music on the sound system and had the fireplace on to create “atmosphere”.

After we drained the coffee pot, it was time to get busy. Marilyn sorted laundry and I made a safety run through Cameron Cave to check the water level in several passages. There is still a need to bypass two passageways which would normally be on the tour path. One of those two will be dry enough to walk through in several more days but the other will remain water filled for some time, as water continues to come in as fast as it runs out.

As I was back in the office giving a report on the water, I saw Marilyn driving out to go do the laundry.

I soon grabbed the laptop computer and drove the truck to McDonalds to do the morning journal and post the pictures of Colby.

Once I was back at the campground, I swept off the patio and set up the grill, put the awning out, and prepared some chicken legs for grilling by adding garlic salt and hot pepper.

Marilyn drove in about that time so I helped her carry in laundry and the groceries she brought home. She had also purchased a throw rug for our living room, and it adds quite a bit of color.

I grilled the chicken, adding BBQ sauce during the final few minutes, and Marilyn fixed veggies. We ate our late lunch/early dinner while watching the hummingbirds and the people going by.

After cleaning things up, we sat in our recliners working puzzles and reading, until my eyes began to slam shut.

I was enjoying the inspection of the back side of my eyelids when my cell phone rang. It was Patty at the ticket counter, calling to ask if I would be willing to lead a tour of Cameron Cave. OK!

I put on my Cave shirt and my hiking boots, grabbed my flashlight and jacket, and walked over to the gift shop. Two tourists were waiting and excited about seeing the Cameron Cave.

I explained that we would have an adventure as we would have to take several detours off the normal tour route. That didn’t bother these adventurous folks and away we went.

All of us came out of the cave with quite a bit of dirt on our clothing and some mud on our shoes. The visitors had a good time and we parted company.

I returned to the RV and cleaned up, deciding to put on my P.J.’s since we were not going anywhere. It was Premier night for this season of “Survivor” so Marilyn popped two huge bowls of popcorn and we settled down to watch TV.

It had been pretty much a lazy day for us and now we could look forward to Friday. You know me, I just can’t wait to see what adventures this day has in store…..

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