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Misty Morning at Macchu Pichu

Macchu Pichu the Lost City of the Incas

Jump for Joy its Macchu Pichu

View of Macchu Pichu from Waiyna Pichu

Macchu Pichu ruins


Had a blast on a 3 day trek to get to Macchu Picchu. We spent the first day on mountain bikes riding down a beautiful canyon into the jungle and the next days walking to Macchu Picchu- very hot and tiring but well worth the effort we had one of our best days of our trip when we finally made it to the ancient Incan city nestled on the top of a beautiful steep mountain range rising out of the jungles. We did a fantastic walk to a mountain beside the ruins called Waiyna Pichu it was the steepest and one of the scariest walks we have ever done but so worth it when we got to the top and had incredible views out over Macchu Pichu.


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