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Wow, get me some of those burgers, pronto!

By combining American and Israeli forces you get lots of fleece.

Thats my name! Thats my name! I have a name!

Supposedly this is a wonderful town set in the Lake District of Argentinian Patagonia flanked by snow-capped mountains, but right now it's pouring and we can't see any mountains. Tomorrow we take a crappy class train to Puerto Madryn. Love you.

Our second day in Bariloche was far more pleasant than the first. We took a bus around the lake for half an hour and then went back after getting thrown out of a fancy hotel. I don't think they liked Dan's bierd. It looks like what you would expect Switzerland to look like (The area that is, not Dan's beard- that looks more like... I don't know, pick somewhere really hairy). Switzerland, however, is in Europe. It's neutral.

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