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Mari, Tim, Bon & Salva Outside Osh Guesthouse #4153

Salva #4155

Salva, Unlocked and Loaded #4156

Getting started after a wonderful breakfast prepared by Sonya who also got info for us about transport to would be 14,000...we opt to take bus(1200 ea) just 4 blocks away, to Andijon and then from there another bus(1500 ea) to border. Some very nice Uzbek ladies helped us find the bus to the border(total $2 US vs $10.50 US). Easy arrival by noon crossing out of Uzbek but stopped trying to enter Kyrgy - Bon and I had multiple entry for 3 months but Mari(who got hers in DC) had visa expired. They listened to her pleas to no avail but were kind enuf to understand our plight...called the Osh consulate who sent a fellow out(arrived 3:30) and for $55 US gave her a 7 day tourist visa. We made friends w/ the border German shephard meanwhile...better this happened on Kyrgy side rather than Uzbek for sure!!

The drive to the border went thru more agric country - orchards, lots of grapes, fields of corn and many plowed fields waiting for next season. Uzbek in this part is quite conservative, the women all wear the long, colorful but not sparkley dresses and head scarves. This as compared to Tashkent where werstern wear is the norm - often shorts, tight pants, miniskirts, high heels, etc.

Our way to Osh was helped along by transport via the consulate man who drove us to Osh G.H. where we checked in having reservations luckily since he was full!

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