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Yesterday we shared our morning coffee while discussing a possible trip through the west in the spring of 2010. We talked about seeing Canyon de Chelly and the north rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, then moving on to Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks in Utah, a visit to Salt Lake City and then up to Jackson Hole and on to Yellowstone in Wyoming, before returning through the Black Hills of South Dakota. There is no plan at this time but we will have fun exploring our options, places to see and places to stay along the way.

Our internet service here in the campground has been intermittent at best so I took my laptop to McDonalds yesterday morning and managed to get an entry typed. I ran into several long time friends and it took awhile to get things done with the computer because we were visiting and catching up on the past year or so of activity.

Marilyn had asked me to pick up milk so I decided to go on to Wal-Mart and purchase groceries.

I soon returned home, unloaded the items I had purchased, and set up the grill outdoors. My plan was to grill some pork steak later, which I did.

Marilyn and I had just decided to go outdoors to sit in our lounge chairs with a glass of wine when the cell phone rang. It was Fran at the ticket counter asking if I could lead a tour through the Cameron Cave. Put the wine on hold! I'll be right back!

About an hour and a half later I returned from the Cave. There is still quite a bit of water in the passageway near the "Bears Den" but I have found a way around tha passageway and all is well.

Because of the warm temperature and the high humidity outdoors Marilyn & I sat indoors with our wine.

I prepared the pork steak while Marilyn fixed the veggies to go with it and we had a very nice dinner.

We decided to watch a movie we had seen before called, "Brother, wherefore art thou" or something like that.

Once the movie was over I went to bed to read a book Jerry had loaned me. It is about a Texas Ranger and is an interesting read.

I don't know if I am the only one who feels that our election process stinks, but I am just sick of the bias, the name calling, the dirty politics and the entire process. I read Howards rant yesterday and he is so right!

Well, please don't allow me to get started, too!

Yesterday was such a good day and we just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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