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Secrets in the Garden of the Gods, Colorado

America's Top Model? Noah directing EJ in a photo shoot at the...

A Godess in the Garden?

Singing America the Beautiful @ Pike's Peak summit

View of Pike's peak

The Weiss kids prepare to throw snow at their father at Pike's...

In the high altitude, a bag of cranberries prepares to explode.

Today, we drove to the Garden of the Gods Colorado State Park. Garden of the Gods looks like modern art. The placement of pristine red rocks next to robust green trees reminded me of the extraterrestrial forest on Mars(if there ever could be one). We had a picnic, walked around for a few minutes, and then went to Pike’s Peak. Five facts about Pikes Peak that you probably didn’t know are 1. It is the most visited mountain in North America, and second in the world to Mount Fiji 2. The song “America The Beautiful” was written about Pikes Peak 3. It was part of the Louisiana Purchase 4. There was a gold rush there in 1859 4. It is one of the highest places in North America, standing at about 14,110 feet tall, or just over two and a half miles high 5. There is about 40 percent of the amount of oxygen up there than there is down here, so that sealed bags that were sealed at sea level and taken up to the top of the peak would feel like a balloon! So we drove up to the top and when we were up there we all got altitude sickness. When you get altitude sickness, you get an immense throbbing pain and you find yourself hyperventilating. The altitude sickness was annoying, but I still had a good time up there. Until tomorrow!!!-Noah

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