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"Trudy & Sweetie" at Ho Hum RV Park

Ho Hum RV Park

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Ho Hum Pier





From Fort Meyers, we headed north to the panhandle and Carabelle Beach, FL. We stayed at the HoHum Campground right on the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, out site faced the gulf and we could watch the water and see the sunrises without getting out of the RV. Trina took the sunrise pictures seen here. She did a great job and it was her first time other than a quick snapshot. For those of you who think you only see sunsets over the gulf, have never been to this part of the panhandle of Florida. Due to the curve of the land at this point, you can indeed see the sun come up over the gulf.

That is not the only strange thing about this place. It is also the home of the walking shells. One day at low tide, I walked out a ways and picked up some seashells, including two small conch shells. I saw they were inhabited with fiddler crabs, so I laid them on a table in the sun thinking the crabs would leave and we wouldn't have to deal with the smell of dead crabs in the shells. We took a day trip over to Panacea, FL and Wachula Springs and we we came back , We found the shells gone. The other shells I had gathered were still there, so I did not think anyone had taken just the two conchs. After a little checking I found them in the weeds on the edge of the beach. I checked them carefully for crabs and finding them empty, again laid the on the table. The next day after returning from a another day trip to St George Island, I again found the shells missing. This time they were no where in sight. Apparently the crabs that had taken up residence in themn really liked tham and came back for them.

Speaking of St George Island! It is a barrier island off of Carrabelle Beach that features many very expensive homes of every size and shape you can image.

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