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Spice anyone?

Now that´s what I call a cheese shop!

Day 12 - Ouro Preto, Belo Horizonte and bus to Sáo Paulo

After a morning reading books etc in O.P, we got the bus to Belo Horizonte (pronounced Horizontch), bought our Sáo Paulo x Campo Grande tickets and set out to see a bit of the city. Before it got dark we checked out a couple of the local markets where nuts, spices, fish and of course red meat were the pedalled wares.

These big cities aren´t great after the sun sets, so it was either waiting at the bus terminal for 3 or 4 hours, or finding something else. After agreeing to see a movie, Anthony convinced Britt to watch `Hancock´. Despite the proper looking cinema business, the movie was clearly just plain from an illegal DVD - in a major city!!!

The bus ride from Belo to Sáo Paulo was a smooth and uneventful 8.5hr ride - love leito (sleeping class) comfort.

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