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Colonial churches abound

The view from our hostel balcony

We are still having fun

Days 10 & 11 - Ouro Preto

This city will give you legs of steel, (un)fortunately we wont be here long enough for that - Ouro Preto is all about walking up, down, up, down and up again on cobblestone streets that gave my feet their very own deep tissue massage, through my flip flops.

O.P is one of the oldest colonial towns in Brazil and the 3rd biggest holiday area for Brazilians - despite this, or maybe because of it, the infrastructure was pretty poor and the whole place was a bit tired. The city had some nice churches (don´t they all) and an interesting museum that wasn´t worth the R$6 entry fee.

We spent most of our time here enjoying the hostel views and the birds that sat with us at breakfast for a nibble on our left over bread crumbs.

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