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A campfire (For Mike)

Yesterday is pretty well summed up by the title of this journal entry.

We ground some of the coffee beans Marilyn purchased in Springfield, Il and had our morning coffee with the fireplace and some good music on the sound system.

We attended Mass at 10:00 AM. We enjoy going to Mass here in Hannibal because we know so many people and see many friends, along with a few relatives.

After church I took Marilyn to the Mark Twain Diner for some lunch and then we drove back to the campground.

Marilyn sat outdoors in a lounge chair for several hours in the afternoon while I watched the Ryder Cup golf match on TV.

I had planned to go up to Cameron Cave to check it for water, hoping that the water level in the cave had gone down. Gretchen told me that Rodney had checked it early in the morning and there was about a foot of water in the "Raisin Bread Alley" passageway. It is possible to give a tour but you have to bypass certain areas and use passages not normally used on the tour route.

Later in the afternoon, there was a knock on the door and Gretchen asked me if I would go up to Cameron to look for Rodney and a tour group. They were about 40 minutes late returning from a tour. I took the golf cart and headed up the trail but met Rodney and the tour group coming back. They had to detour quite a bit inside the cave and it just took longer to do that.

With the excitement over I returned to the RV and the golf match.

Marilyn prepared her Paella recipe for dinner and it was delicious as usual. If any of you are interested, the recipe is in the rv-dreams cookbook.

We had just finished dinner when there was another knock on the door. It was the neighbors inviting us to come over and join them for a campfire and s'mores.

That was nice but the mosquitoes are bad this year. I stayed in the smoke to avoid getting any additional bites. I am good at getting campfire smoke anyway. Marilyn took a few pictures of the fire and asked me to be sure to put one on the blog to show Mike what a campfire is supposed to look like. Remember it took Mike and I two cans of lighter fluid and a bag of charcoal to get some wet logs burning out in Colorado. Marilyn won't let us live that one down. :)

I do have a few pictures to post for you so I will get busy and get that done. Hope you are all having a great day today.

It was a good day yesterday, and we just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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