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Combing the flax before spinning it into thread

Making shingles

An indoor well!

Overview of the village with us in the distance

Bonjour, mes amis!

Though in New Brunswick, we have still been in French speaking territory because much of New Brunswick was settled by Acadians (French settlers). We learned a great deal about Acadian life at the "Village Historique Acadien," the most interesting of which was how linen is made! I never knew that linen was made from flax! We saw the process from start to finish and it was fascinating to see the transformation of a stalk of flax straw! We enjoyed beautiful blue sky as we walked through the village and the countryside in New Brunswick is exhilarating! I love being in new places!

Benjamin's Highlights:

Good bye French speaking Canadians, hello P.E.I.! Actually we didn't get all the way to Charlottetown but that's ok. The reason we didn't get there was because we stopped for a long time at an Acadian Village. My favorite part of the village would be watching a worker make shingles or a blacksmith make a nail. The worker made a shingle by taking a rectangular board and shaving it until it was the right shape and size. He used a long blade with two handles on it to form the shingle. Although that was neat, watching the blacksmith was really cool. He started making the nail by heating up a long skinny metal rod in the fire until it was glowing red. Then he just hammered and hammered the end of the rod until it had a point. Then he would bend the point and two inches of the rod off. Then he would squeeze the half formed nail in a big metal clamp. Taking a hammer he would hammer the end of the nail until it had a butt! Finally he put the nail in a bucket of water to cool it off and it was finished! The blacksmith gave Aimee, Mack, and me all a nail. We had to leave then but I was excited to get to our campsite. We rode our bikes, played on the giant play ground and went to bed! Goodnight!

Aimee's Highlights:

The Acadian Village was our only stop today (besides going to Canadian Tire for a BBQ grill). At the Acadian Village we learned about how they lived and what their culture was like. While we were there, a blacksmith made Ben, Mack and me a nail, and we got to see someone making shingles. The employees who are hired for this job make their own lunch with the pots, pans and spices that were used back in the 1800's. It was a different life back then. Once we were finished we headed for P.E.I. but unfortunately we did not get there so we found a campsite that is two hours away from our original destination. Over all it was a pretty good day.

Mackenzie's Highlights:

Have you ever seen a nail made right before your very eyes? Well, I just did and the blacksmith let me have it. That was one of my highlights, but my next high point was going into a house where they made linen out of flax. It was very cool to see how they made it. To untangle the flax straw, they brushed it through a whole bunch of nails pointing up from a board. I also enjoyed playing bocce ball with Ben, Opa and Aimee. Overall, I think it was a pretty good day. .

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