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Yesterday was yet another of those awesome autumn days here in Hannibal, MO.

We awoke at 6:30 AM and Marilyn mentioned that Jennifer would be here to pick her up at 7:30, so if we wanted to have our morning coffee together we had better get up.

We shared a pot of coffee while listening to the music system and watching the fireplace.

After we finished our coffee I went outdoors to make sure the van was ok for them to drive. It is a good thing I did, because the right front tire was very low, almost flat. I used the air compressor here at the campground to air up the tire and told Marilyn to keep an eye on it.

About that time, Jennifer arrived and the two gals were off to have a Mom & Daughter day. They were going shopping so I knew they would have a good time.

Once the gals were off on their adventure, I went outdoors to continue the cleaning of the RV. I finished the curb side and the rear cap before I ran out of steam.

I then decided to install the new footrest release cable for Marilyn’s chair. I needed help with that so I called our friend, Steve DeGrave, who said he would be glad to help. He arrived a few minutes after 2:00 PM and we began what we thought would be a simple job.

With our combined brain power and upholstering skills, we managed to get the chair fixed and everything back in place. Marilyn will have her chair back, and can use the footrest again. Whoopee! Life is good!

By the time we finished with that little chore we deserved a cold drink. We sat outdoors in the lawn chairs with a cold beer, watching all of the people come and go.

After Steve left I went back inside and cleaned out “Grandpa’s Drawer” which holds all the goodies to share with the grandkids when they (Right now it is just “He”) gets old enough to enjoy the thrill of “seeing what Grandpa has today”.

I took about 20 magazines over to the break room at the cave complex. They may read them, take them home, or throw them away. At least we won’t have them cluttering up the place any more. Marilyn will be so proud of me when she looks in that drawer. 

I watched golf on TV by myself until it ended for the day. There were exciting matches and the final matches will be on TV today. The USA leads Europe by 2 points going into the final day.

I would like to ask a favor of you good people who read this blog. Please remember our friends who need your prayers so much right now. Gilbert, Kit & Jerry and their son Jerry, Doug, and Harold, who is a long time friend are the people I humbly ask you to pray for. All of these wonderful people are in our prayers.

Marilyn & Jennifer were home around 9:15 PM last night. They had surprisingly few packages with them but it was obvious that they had a good time together. Jennifer came inside and I gave her hugs and kisses before saying goodnight.

I listened as Marilyn related the events of their day and we went to bed a little after 10:00.

It was a good day and now I can’t wait to see what this day has in store…..

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