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Day 110, Sept 18, Today’s Plan; Visit St. Stephen, then prep for Stateside.

The day starts cloudy and cool. By the time we get going, the sky is clearing, but it remains cool with a north wind. The trip to St. Stephen is quicker than we thought it would be. We haven’t quite got used to the smaller province’s maps and the distance relationship. Today we are looking for two covered bridges near St. Stephen. One we find right away. The other is elusive and remains hidden. We thought we would be done sooner. We drive into St. Stephen and get caught in the border lineup, only we don’t know it at first. More time wasted. We call my cousin, Margaret and are invited over. Over coffee, we catch up on family news. Time flies by and soon we must leave to go prepare for the border crossing into the US tomorrow. We have fruit, veggies and meat to be eaten by tomorrow, or chuck it out. We have to find our passports and the money we hid away three and a half months ago, too.

On the way home we stop for 10 min. at the St. Andrews Blockhouse. This structure style dates from the 1812 war. There were three built, by locals. The British were too busy elsewhere to worry over the defense of a small harbor like St. Andrews. The British did supply cannon for them. 32 pounders, which could shoot 3 Kms. This happened to be the distance across the harbor entrance. The present day structure is a replica. It is also closed. We read the plaques and go to the trailer. It takes awhile to get our things organized. Putting maps and books we don’t need away and finding American maps and guides. Getting documents and money together. Clearing the cupboards and fridge of fruits and vegetables. We eat the last of the hamburger for supper and make potato salad with the last of the potatoes and eggs. We get to watch TV for a while then turn in.

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