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Yesterday was another good day. We had our morning coffee indoors and then began our chores for the day.

Marilyn worked inside the RV, getting everything all spic and span. Hmmmm, remember the cleaner by that name?

I worked outdoors, cleaning and waxing on the RV. I was interupted when I was ordered to begin washing windows. The result is that some of the rig is clean and shiny while other parts are covered with Colorado dust and road grime. Some of the windows are sparkly clean while others we keep the shades down on until they are clean. Guess what I'll be doing today? :)

I finally stopped cleaning about 11:30 AM to have a bite of lunch and get a shower. I dressed in my "Cave Guide Suit" and was ready for the Mobile Suites Rally group to arrive for a private tour of Mark Twain Cave.

Eighteen of these good folks showed up and we had a great tour of the cave.

Before the tour began, my friend, Jeff, told several tour members that I seem to lose people in the cave on my tours but they shouldn't worry because he would bring a search party to save them, once he gets off work around 6:00 PM. Good friend! :)

Several of the Mobile Suites folks have rigs for sale.

The McMasters family has a 2004 36' rear entertainment center Mobile Suites RV with fireplace, washer & dryer, and many good options.

Dale & Wanda have an Elite Suites for sale but I do not have a description yet. If any of you readers would be interested in a quality used rig, please let me know and I will put you in contact with the sellers. I may post a better description of these two rigs once I receive the information.

The McMasters have already purchased a new Mobile Suites, while Dale & Wanda are waiting until they sell the one they have before buying the new one.

Yesterday, Colby and Jennifer were here for much of the day and once I had finished the tour, we sat outdoors and enjoyed the beautiful weather until it was time for them to leave.

Marilyn rode with Jennifer, out to the farm, and retrieved our Van, driving it back to the campground. Now we have our 22 mpg van to drive rather than our 14 to 16 mpg truck.

Marilyn & I watched "America has Talent", which we had recorded, and watched the final 10 get pared down to the final 5. We agreed with the selections but they really have some great talent and it will be difficult to select the winner from this bunch.

I fell asleep before Marilyn came to bed and we slept with the windows open once again.

Now it's time to get busy so I'll just leave you with my optimistic, "I just can't wait to see what this day has in store....."

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