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Who knew that there is this huge population of Muslims near Malmo in Rosenborg. We met a pastor from a church there working with immigrants. Most of them are from former Soviet countries like Kosovo and Albania, but there are also many Arabs and Persians. I told Shane that the Ethnic diversity would remind you of New York except they would need more Puerto Ricans.

The church there is small and reaching people is hard. They are reaching a couple of Muslim people for Christ every year.

We saw a room they are using for a ministry to young women, teenage girls. A small minority of the girls in Rosenborg are being badly abused by brothers or boyfriends. I suppose the frustration of immigrant life is partly responsible. Some of the men in the community, however, are pushing Muslim law to the breaking point, having a number of wives and families in different countries. The church is doing what they can to provide a safe place for these women. I think Roberta was ready to strap on her Annie Oakley and get busy.

After having filafal and kabob, we made our way to Helsingborg . . . well, something like that. It is a beautiful little port city of about 100K. We met a young couple who have just relocated to the city to try to build a church. They gave us feca, which is a good thing. Not at all as bad as it sounds. (Something like a large snack.) And they let us pray for their new work. I think Shane is sold. I hope is family is ready to pack their bags; if Shane gets his way, they will be moving to Sweden.

The road trip home was pretty drousy. We are all starting to get a little tired. We wanted something to eat, so Monte and I got a pizza. No oregano or basil, but covered with the amazing cheese the Swedes make that is so good it is hard to describe. We have been staying with a middle-aged couple in Immanuel Church. For the second night in a row, they were asleep before I got in. I may be the guest with no face to them.

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