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Yesterday was a beautiful day here in northeast Missouri. We had slept with the windows open and our little electric heater was on when we rolled out of bed. We have it set for 70 degrees and it was doing its best to keep the temperature at 70 inside even though the air coming in the open windows was at 58 degrees. We quickly turned the heater off and settled down to read the journal entries of our friends around the country.

Jennifer dropped by around 7:30 AM and left Colby with us so she could attend a class at the hospital.

We took Colby for a couple of long walks in his stroller. (We walk and he rides) :)

Colby loves to be outdoors and he is absolutely a perfect kid when he is outdoors, looking at all the birds and the squirrels, watching people and cars come and go, and taking in any activity going on.

Jennifer returned about 2:30 PM and stayed for awhile to visit with us, before heading back home.

Marilyn & I left at the same time as Jennifer, as we were driving over to The Landing, near Monroe City, MO. The SOITC (Suite Owners International Travel Club) was having a small rally of Mobile Suites owners and we were invited even though we were not taking our rig.

We met up with old friends, Ponch & Pat, sharing hugs, good conversation and a cold drink in their rig. We met lots of new people at the margarita party and the taco dinner. The margaritas were very good and the food was great.

We met several people who are readers of our blog, although we had not met them before. That was nice.

At the dinner I was introduced and gave a short talk to the attendees about Hannibal and the Cave. About 18 people expressed their intent to come over today for a private tour of the Mark Twain Cave. The management here gave them the group rate and I will conduct a private tour just for them.

I went to bed not long after we were back in our little rolling home. I read for awhile but was fast asleep by the time Marilyn came to bed.

Yesterday was a good day and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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