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Yesterday was a fun day. I always end my journal entry with something like "I can't wait to see what adventures this day has in store..."

Yesterday was a day when I decided to help out here at the Cave Complex. Normally, the Cameron Cave is closed from Labor Day, through the winter, to Memorial Day. However, yesterday there were four tourists who requested a tour of Cameron Cave, so they asked me if I would take them. Sure!

We have had so much rain here that I was sure we would see some water in that cave. There was quite a bit of water in Mark Twain cave, but nothing on the tour route which had an effect on the tours of that cave. Cameron Cave was another story because I had not been in that cave for about a week.

When we entered the cave we noticed water drippin in, in places I had never seen water before. The tour was proceeding normally and the visitors were enjoying themselves. We were seeing quite a few bats and I constantly shined my flashlight on the walls seeking out the little fuzzy creatures. We passed the "six points" landmark and headed down passageway number three toward "raisin bread alley". I was shining my light on the wall instead of the path, and suddenly I was in water up to my knees.

The entire passageway was flooded and I was wet. Thankfully, none of the visitors had made it to the water, stopping when they heard my shout of surprise.

Back to six points, we detoured around, using passageway number two, going backwards on the normal tour route. We managed to complete the tour with some minor detours and the tourists were happy. I was soaking wet from the knees down.

After informing the management that we should not do Cameron tours for awhile, I went home and changed into dry clothing, put a different pair of shoes on, and decided to help mow, using the brand new zero turning radius mower. I don't know how many of you have used one of these machines but I never had. Jeff showed me how to start it and patiently explained the controls. I drove it around the nearly empty parking lot to get used to steering it, then began mowing grass in the campground. I'm sure it was fun to watch as I wiggled back and forth with the mower. I finally finished with that area and went home for lunch.

After a bite of lunch I went back to the mower, trying to remember what to do, to get things moving in the right direction.

I was parked between a flower bed on my right and the RV on my left, with Marilyn's pony tail palm tree in a pot between me and the RV. I managed to get the machine started ok, and then I decided to back out into the parking lot. That's when the fun began.

First this wild machine swung to the right, bumping in to the flower bed. I corrected things and it swung quickly to the left, knocking over the palm tree. Once more slamming into the flower bed before I finally regained control. Ride 'em cowboy!

I finally mastered the thing enough to mow the huge lawn around the picnic shelter.

Back in the house, all safe and sound, I took a shower, dressed in clean clothing and we headed in to the hospital for a cancer screening clinic that Jennifer had signed me up for.

When she called to remind me of that appointment we had to call our friends, Denny & Sonja, to postpone our dinner plans.

We took a pizza home for dinner and watched some TV before going to bed for the night.

We slept with the windows open and had a great night of sleep.

Today is another day, and I jjust can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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