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Yesterday we awoke to clear skies and a cool temperature in the low 50's. The sun appeared soon after we had our first cup of coffee and the temperature outdoors climbed into the 70's. It turned out to be an awesome day!

Marilyn & I discussed our travel plans for November, when we leave here and move south for the winter. Marilyn looked up places to stay along our route, and sent an e-mail to Dan & Pat, who have traveled that route before.

We plan to travel slowly along the Natchez Trace and explore some of the old plantations around Natchez.

Later in the morning, Marilyn & I drove into town and went to the print shop owned by a friend. We are having new business cards made, as we have only a couple left of the original ones.

We cashed a couple of small checks at the bank and then went to the "Mark Twain Diner" for lunch. Marilyn enjoyed a "Made Rite" while I ordered a breaded tenderloin, and we shared an order of onion rings, which were very good.

We returned to the campground and "chilled" for most of the afternoon. It was nice to just hang out with the windows open and enjoy a beautiful day. We joined our friends, Steve & Cathy for dinner at a Mexican restaurant here in Hannibal. The food was ok but the margarita was tasteless. Not very good.

We were home in time to watch the finale of "Big Brother". During that program there was a knock on our door. It was Sherry who runs the campground. She explained that she keeps hearing voices coming from the gift shop area and wondered if I could come over to look around for her. She also took the golf cart and asked the son of Matt & Annie to join us.

We entered the store and I asked about the walkie-talkie radios which are used by the guides for Cameron Cave. That was the first thing I checked, and sure enough, all four radios were on. Trucks passing by near the campground, using their CB radios, can frequently be heard over those radios. We looked around, opened every unlocked door and explored the rooms, to assure Sherry that she was alone and had no unwelcome visitors.

I returned to the RV in time to see that Dan won the $500,000 on Big Brother.

All in all, we had a fine day, and we just can't wait to see what today has in store.....

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