2008 Keys 2 Canada travel blog

cars lined up for the ferry

the ferry showed up at 12:30 AM and had to turn around...

at Argentia they load and unload from the stern

we were waved into the slot to the left of the white...

the Joseph and Clara Smallwood

we woke up at sea

the stack

the blue of the ocean is so intense out here

the seas grew as the day went on

by late afternoon the waves were in the 8-9 foot range

an outbound ferry leaving Sydney

it was after sunset by the time we docked

The seventeen hour voyage back to Nova Scotia! - Tuesday, September 16

We woke to some rocking and rolling on a restless sea. To starboard we could see the southern Newfoundland coast with it’s rocky bluffs and rugged shoreline. While Madolyn slept in I found a table in the cafeteria with a 120 volt outlet and spent the morning drinking coffee and organizing pictures for the trip journal. We have over 6,000 pictures in the journal now.

As the day wore on the seas slowly increased from 3 to 4 foot swells to 4 to 6 foot swells, and by mid afternoon the seas were in the 6 to 8 foot range. The ship’s rocking was mostly stem to stern, with the stern rising and falling a good 6 to 8 feet or more. The water was a deep green blue with whitecaps everywhere. The motion made everyone stagger like a drunken sailor, but it was relaxing if you were sitting down. And it was conducive to an afternoon nap.

By late afternoon we could see Cape Breton and by sunset we were arriving at the Sydney docks. The ship unloaded quickly and before we knew it we were on the highway out of town and headed for our campground at Little Bras d'Or. This is the same campground we stayed at for a couple nights before we left for Newfoundland, and we found it easily. It's a nice campground and it was good to be back.

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