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From 1910 through 1930, Metropolis was a thriving town. This is all...

Angel Lake is 8,500 feet above sea level. The campground is only...

Rocks slope upward, maybe that looked like the wings of an angel,...

Wells, Nevada was the site of those earthquakes of last year. All of historic downtown suffered severe structural damage, and only one of the 19th century businesses is still in operation. Some of the residents moved into their RVs, some repaired their homes, and some just left everything. The visitors' center has not yet reopened. All in all, it's a sad place to be. However, there are lots of dirt roads to explore, and the weather is spectacular, 80's during the day and high 40's during the night.

Thursday, we are heading for Mt. Pleasant, Utah. I'll be in touch as we travel south toward Arizona.

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