W4: Warwick n Wendy's Wayward Wanderings, 2008-2009 travel blog

Sorting, organizing, cleaning - boy was I tired!

Finding room to stow our stuff

We were at the boat this past weekend, getting ready. What a list! It is apparently neverending! But we made progress. Warwick fixed lots of things, including the throttle which was so stiff I needed him to help me move it from neutral/idle to forward (or backward). He also fixed the boom and reefing lines - coming up with a great way of doing it that did NOT involve hoisting me up the mast - thank goodness!

I went through every locker and sorted and re-located things (see pictures above- things are a MESS). Nothing can be loose on a boat (no coffee table books) because when you sail things MOVE.

The best part about the weekend for Warwick was finding a hidden treasure in the bowels of the locker under the Nav (short for navigation) table. It was an external bilge pump so if we get a hole in the boat and water is pouring in, not only will I try to stuff the hole with a pillow (that is what Warwick said I should do, I swear), but he will be pumping the water out with this nifty pump.

The best part for me was meeting lots of new people (and re-connecting with Deanna and Ernie from Canada who we had met previously) and learning from them. We get so much information from everyone we meet - people are happy to share their experiences.

We're back in Pgh now and working hard here to clear out our inboxes and get ready for this crazy trip.


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