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A big globe outside the United Nations Building

In the General Assembly Room

Can you spot the UK seats?

Steve and I in the General Assembly

The Belarus Gift to the shows before and after Chernobyl

Inside Grand Central Station

Times Square taken from Bubba Gumps

We watched the news too!!

Times Square at night..great fun

Steve and I in Times Square after the show

Manhattan Skyline at night

Where John Lennon used to live

Some turtles in Central Park

View of Manhattan from Central Park

Belvedere Castle

The Obelisk in Central Park

The Empire State Building

View from the top of the Empire State Building complete with camera...

View from the top of the Empire State Building again...without pigeon!!

And another

The Chrysler Building

madison Square Gardens to the left of the tall black building

Looking down...

5th Ave

The Flatiron Building

The Statue of Liberty

Steve being a raccoon at the top of the Empire State Building

Me at the top

I liked the clouds on this one

Central Park behind the buildings

The Empire State Building from the bottom at dusk

The skyline at night with the twin tower memorial lights

The United Nations Building

A concert outside the Stock Exchange...the woman reads the financial news on...

The Wall St Bull and some girl in pink!!

An eternal flame and ball that survived the 9/11 tragedy...very emotional

One of the concerts for 9/11, the woman reads the financial news...

The Wall St Bull and some girl in pink!!

An eternal flame and a ball that survived the 9/11 tragedy...very emotional

Our friendly if camera shy guys on the water taxi

The sun setting...really pretty

Some patriotic kites

Sunset over the marina

A couple we met from Urmston..lovely chat

The twin Towers memorial lights disappearing into the clouds

Today we leave New York to head north to Salisbury Mills to see Ian, Eileen, Stephanie and Kathleen. They will obviously be busy with work and school until this evening so we are planning on leaving here about midday (check out time) and then making our way slowly through New Jersey and across back into New York State. We need to do a bit of shopping and get gas etc but I am going to have a look and see if there is anything for us to visit on the way. Anyway, quick recap of NY City…

Love the place to be honest! For a city it is pretty clean, we walked through a lot of areas and felt safe, never threatened, infact the people seemed to be very friendly. We did splash out a bit on tickets for the water taxi which was 3 times the cost of the train but it was a great way to get into the city and the views on the way in and out were amazing. Plus it was still cheaper than getting into London!! We have seen all the sites that we really wanted to see and have had a pretty busy 5 days. We went on a tour of the UN building and it was great to see the General Assembly room. Enjoyed that. Had a longish day on Tuesday doing that and then having tea out at Bubba Gumps on Times Square where we were lucky enough to get a window seat. Steve and I hardly spoke as we were so busy watching people outside. Times Square was fun and very touristy. After tea we walked a block off Times Square and went to see Phantom of the Opera. We had bought tickets for the cheapest seats which were $35 each. These were right at the back on the balcony but as it was only a small theatre, the view was fine. In the 2nd half, we sat at the front of the balcony because there were spare seats and nobody told us to move so we had even better seats for a cheap price!! Did we enjoy it? Well, we’ve seen it!! Won’t be rushing to see it again that’s for sure! I mean, I worship at the altar of Andrew Lloyd Webber and I cannot deny that it is a brilliant musical but not really my cup of tea. Or Steve’s! It is great that we saw Phantom on Broadway but it was a bit too much like Opera for us. Give me Joseph or Aspects of Love!! I sang along to the songs I knew but I wouldn’t buy the cd!! Anyway, that was great, nice night out in NY. We got back to the water taxi, only to find the last one was at 10pm and it was 10.10pm!! So we had to go back to the PATH train. That was a fair walk but ok until we got off at the other end at the wrong stop! Steve and I had different feelings about where to get off so I went with him and we ended up with a 40 minute walk!! As it turned out, it was wonderful! We got some great photos of the skyline at night and the walk along the water was really pleasant. I was glad when I got back though as that was enough walking for me…my feet were killing me! Played a game and went to bed.

On Wednesday, we had a lunchtime start again and headed for Central Park. We walked past the apartments where John Lennon lived and was shot, past lakes, through trees, the Belvedere Castle, theatres, past the zoo etc etc. We walked through a large portion of the park and it was beautiful. We bought a wooden puzzle from some bloke and then had a look at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Steve was bothered about going in so we didn’t. At $20 each, it seemed a bit excessive to go if he wasn’t interested. The Art Museum in Baltimore is free so maybe we will go in there!!! After that, we went up the Empire State Building. It was pretty busy but the views from the top were awesome. We had a wander round for a bit and got home about 8pm. We watched Fahrenheit 9/11 which was very interesting but as Steve and I do, we got chatting about some of the issues raised and next thing we knew it was 3am!!!

Yesterday was our last day in NY so we went back to the UN to mail some postcards as it has its own post office etc. We also got some special stamps. We then went to Ground Zero as it was the anniversary of 9/11. We were both very moved actually. There were lots of people there and so many with photos of their loved ones who had died. Then a huge group of fire fighters walked past, many of whom had been crying or were crying and that set me off. Steve was pretty tearful too. After watching the dvd the night before as well, I guess it affected us more than we thought it would. All around the city, there were concerts going on so the atmosphere was actually quite positive. More of a celebration of life rather than a commiseration. We stopped on Wall St on the way back to buy some more dvds…22 in total for $80. We actually only paid for 16 as we were buying so many, he did us a deal. They are all copies but they are good and we have the latest releases, some of which are still showing in cinemas!! Watched Mamma Mia last night!!

We met a couple in an RV on the park called Kath and Pete who are from the UK and are doing the same as us. Really fun couple. We sat in their RV with them for about 3 hours having rather strong drinks made by Pete!! Hopefully we will be able to meet up with them in Washington or Atlantic City as they are doing the same route that we are. It would be great to meet up with them again as they are a really great couple. They have been out here for 6 months and are just into their second 6 months now! They had a small RV back home and traveled Europe for 2 years so that was interesting as we would like to do that one day.

Anyway, we have just had showers and are ready to pack up the last few bits and leave so I will go now and try and upload this and our photos while we are at Ian and Eileen’s. Love to all as always.

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