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Yesterday was a very busy day for Marilyn & I. As I mentioned in yesterdays journal entry, I had very little sleep the night before and happened to look at the clock at just the right time for us to get up and drive to the hospital to meet Jennifer & Colby. That Colby is just a delight. He greets you with a big grin and is so good all of the time. He is seldom fussy, can play by himself, has a great personality, and is so much fun to have around.

I played with Colby for awhile and then just had to get started on my day.

I went outdoors and dumped the holding tanks. That was my first chore for the day. I then called Alternative Resources in Sioux Falls, SD, to give them our correct e-mail address. For some reason they still had the old one from back when we lived in Wichita, KS.

I had to move a few things around to have access to my step ladder, but managed to retrieve it. I climbed up to look at the label on the slide topper hardware. With all of the numbers in hand I called American RV in Palmyra, MO and gave them all of the information so they could order the new awning to replace the one ripped up by a tree in Colorado.

Awning cost $179, Shipping cost approximately $50, Installation cost est at $150, Tax of $10.47, and a service charge of $65 to have the work done here at the Campground in lieu of hooking up and towing the rig to Palmyra. They expect to be here to install the new awning one week from today. Total cost estimate is $454.47. Bummer!

I have $500 deductible on the insurance so it turns out to be a fairly expensive repair.

The next item on my agenda was to call the company which manufactured our furniture to order a new footrest release cable for Marilyn's recliner. No problem. It is now on the way to us, no charge!

I then went back inside and cleaned up before playing with Colby again. Once he was down for his nap, I sliced up a small sack of apples I had picked up at the farmers market. I fried the apples in butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. They are delicious, just as the peaches were.

Next thing on the agenda for me was to cook some pea soup for a late lunch. I sliced up some honey BBQ brats to put in the pea soup and that turned out to be a good addition.

For the remainder of the afternoon we played with Colby, taking him for a long stroll outdoors. He loves being outdoors and could ride for hours. He also enjoys watching the people come and go, through the window, when he is sitting on my lap.

It was finally time to take Colby to meet his Mom who was getting off work after a 12 and 1/2 hour shift as a nurse.

He was asleep when Jen came out to the parking lot but he awoke when he heard his Mom's voice, and gave her a big grin.

We said goodbye with hugs and kisses, then drove back home to a dinner of salad and soup.

We watched some TV before turning in for the night. I admit that I was beat and slept great.

Today is going to be a wonderful, clear, crisp autumn day and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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